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This table shows a list of retention activities at Penn State New Kensington

 Academic Retention Activities

Co-Curricular Retention Team Report & Activities






















New Student Orientation 

        Overview of the activity/initiative:  NSO is a university-wide academic orientation program.  At New
         Kensington, the overarching goal of NSO is to facilitate early engagement in academic decision making
         and educational planning while empowering students to take ownership of their academic success.
         Students are given information in traditional presentation formats.   Also, they participate in interactive
         sessions and pre-NSO homework assignments that help them to: 1) understand placement results 2)
         adjust to the differences in expectations of colleges students as opposed to high school students 3) goal
         setting, 4) academic planning 5) relate their interests to the University’s opportunities 6)  a second phase
         of admissions to ensure that they are in the correct academic program once these things have been

        Target Audience:  All first year degree and provisional students at Penn State New Kensington. 

        Responsible for Implementation:  Sean Bridgen

        Recommendations:  N/A 

        Timeline:  This was implemented University-wide 

Faculty Advisor Training

Overview of the activity/initiative:  Create a modular faculty adviser training program that covers the following topics:

·         Theory and Philosophy of Advising

·         Advising resources

·         Conducting affective advising interviews

·         Academic policies

Target Audience:  Faculty advisers at Penn State New Kensington

Responsible for Implementation:  Sean Bridgen

Recommendations:  N/A

Timeline:  This will be implemented University-wide for the Fall 2009 semester


Moving Students from Scheduled to Registered Status

Target Audience:  Students still in scheduled status.

Activity:  Phone students offering assistance with the process.


Transitions to College

        Overview of the activity/initiative:  In partnership with the Private Industry Council, Penn
        State New Kensington has developed a bridge program to help students develop the skills they need to
        succeed in college. Entitled “Transitions to College”, this program focuses on developmental education in
        reading in math. Students will also develop self-knowledge in areas such as learning styles, study skills,
        and test taking skills. Transitions to College will be offered to potential returning adults, Provisional
        students, and others who may benefit from the program.

        Target Audience:  Returning adults, provisional students, and others

        Responsible for Coordination:  Sean Bridgen


Early Progress Report

Activity:  Early Progress Reports (EPR)

Overview of the activity/initiative:  (from www.psu.edu/advising/epr.htm) EPR is an early alert system accessed through eLion that will notify students who are earning less than a C in one or more of their courses.  It is an implementation of Faculty Senate policy 47-70 Online Student Progress Report (Formerly Mid-Semester Evaluation). 


Target Audience:  All undergraduate students at Penn State New Kensington. 

Responsible for Implementation:  This is a University-wide system.  Sean Bridgen will coordinate EPR at the New Kensington campus.

Recommendations:  All Faculty will be required to participate actively in EPR. 

Timeline:  This will be implemented University-wide for the Fall 2009 semester


MATH 097

Activity:  MATH 097

Overview of the activity/initiative
:  MATH 097 is a one credit, once a week group tutoring session held by math instructors to help students with math skills.  Students enroll based on the math for which they are currently enrolled.  Students self-identify, but a math instructor may strongly suggest enrollment in the course.  Enrollment for each section of MATH 097 varies between 20-35, according to need.  Current sections are as follows:  1 section for Math 4 and 21, 1 section for Math 22 and 26, and 1 section for Calc. 1. 


Target Audience:  Enrollment consists of students who need or desire extra help/review of math skills, or support to help with problems assigned in math class. 

Responsible for Implementation:  Math Instructors

Recommendations:  Each targeted math course is assigned a section of MATH 097.  Sessions are held in classrooms and in the Academic and Career Success Center, to integrate instruction, tutoring, and studying in a supportive environment.

Timeline:  Students should enroll in MATH 097 by the second week of classes.  Grading is assessed by attendance and participation.



Activity:    English, Writing Lab and Peer Tutors

Overview of the activity/initiative:  Information regarding the Learning Center and the activities involved in the writing lab and peer tutors can be found at the Learning Center web site:  http://nk.psu.edu/StudentServices/LRC/lrc.htm


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