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Internship Information

The capstone experience may be a senior year thesis, an internship, or a research project; in all cases, you'll work closely with a faculty member and develop valuable writing and research skills......Through internship opportunities, you'll gain real-world experience. Our internship coordinator will work with you to find the internship right for you. You'll gain valuable skills, receive credits, and build your resume.

Capstone Experience: PSYCH 439(3), PSYCH 493(3-6), PSYCH 494(3-18), PSYCH 495(6-15), PSYCH 496(3-18) (Sem: 7-8)


A key way in which students learn and apply these skills is during the required 12 credits of internship experiences. The degree is most appropriate for students who wish to develop a set of applied scientific and human relations skills that will prepare them for entry-level employment in a wide range of government and private human service organizations and agencies, and in business and industry. The degree is also suitable for students who wish to continue in their studies of psychology in graduate school, or who are interested in graduate or professional school in business, human services, law, or the social sciences.