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Why Transfer to Penn State New Kensington?

  • Great place, great people, great academics, and great quality close to home!
    (We are located approximately 17 miles Northeast of Pittsburgh)
  • Valuable education at an affordable price
  • Penn State...it'll look great on your resume
  • The Wall Street Journal ranked Penn State University #1 for two years running for most employable school (09/13/10)


How to Transfer to Penn State New Kensington? 

Need help transferring from a local community college?

Transferring from one college to another can be very complicated; however, with these easy-to-use guides, you can see which classes transfer toward an IST Degree here at Penn State New Kensington.

Transfer Guides

  • BCCC - Butler County Community College (BC3) 
  • CCAC - Community College of Allegheny College 
  • WCCC - Westmoreland County Community College


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