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Evaluating Your Readiness for the RN to BS Program

Here are some common questions about the RN to BS program at Penn State New Kensington.  The following information may answer some of the questions you have about our nursing program. For additional information, please call 724-334-6725.


  • How do I get admitted?
    You can start the admission process online at http://www.nk.psu.edu/Admissions/apply.htm or contact our Admissions Office at 724-334-6016.  In addition, you will have to submit official transcripts from all educational institutions previously attended to the address noted in the admission packet.  To speak with the Nursing Program Coordinator at Penn State New Kensington, please call 724-334-6725 or email jmk24@psu.edu


  • Do I have to have a physical examination for admission?


  • Do I get credit for my registered nursing program?
    Yes. You receive 33 credits by portfolio and these become Penn State credits. These credits are granted to all incoming students. No challenge examinations are required for the granting of credits.


  • Do courses taken at other colleges/universities transfer into the program?
    Yes. Penn State will consider for transfer all college credits earned at another accredited institution. Students must supply an official transcript and have earned a "C" or better to have credits considered for transfer. 


  • Are courses offered in the evening?
    All courses, except nursing electives, are offered in the evening.  Nursing electives are offered in a seminar, 3 day format.


  • Can someone help me to plan my program of studies?
    Yes. Contact the Nursing office at 724-334-6725 for an appointment to meet with an advisor. 


  • While enrolled at Penn State New Kensington, can I take any courses at another college/university?
    Yes, as long as 36 of your last 60 credits are Penn State credits.


  • Do I have to take a math course?
    Yes. The required math course has a number of 017 (Finite Mathematics) or above. For example, a course commonly taken to meet this requirement is Math 021 (College Algebra I).


  • Do I have access to computer use while I am enrolled?
    Yes. Each Penn State student pays a computer fee each semester and is issued an Access Account ID. You will have access to the internet as well as many software programs through your Penn State computer account. Many Penn State courses utilize the computer to complete course requirements. 


  • Besides nursing, what required courses am I likely to have completed in my basic nursing program?
    Courses most likely to have been completed within your basic nursing program are: Psychology (3 credits), Sociology (3 credits), Microbiology (4 credits), Human Growth and Development (3 credits), Anatomy and Physiology (8 credits), Chemistry (3 credits), and Nutrition (3 credits).


  • How long will it take me to complete the program?
    The program can be taken at the pace of the individual, so that, the time varies with each student. Nursing courses can be completed in one year, if the student enters in the Fall semester.  The total program can be completed in three academic semesters and one summer session depending on the number of general education requirements that are completed.


  • How are clinical experiences conducted?
    Students choose a practicum in the area of nursing of interest to them. Clinical experiences are planned by the student and are conducted with a preceptor and faculty member. The preceptor must meet the School of Nursing's guidelines for preceptorship.


  • What if I haven't worked in the past three years?
    You will be required to take an independent nursing course (NURS 495) prior to being enrolled in the clinical nursing courses.  


  • How can I use my transfer credits and create a schedule?
    The Nursing curriculum allows students to build upon previous knowledge as they progress in the program. Penn State will consider for transfer all college credits earned at another accredited institution. You and your adviser will meet to plan your course of study.