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This program is designed for adults currently employed or expecting to be employed as mechanical technicians. Upon completion of the six credit computer-aided drafting module, students receive a Certificate of Proficiency. Graduates may, in turn, qualify for admission to the associate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Penn State New Kensington. The associate degree can lead to a bachelor of science degree in Engineering Technology). 

Course Sequence    
Year 1 Fall Spring
  EGT 101 EGT 114
  EGT 102  
Year 2 Fall  
  EGT 201  


EGT 101 Technical Drawing Fundamentals (1)
  Technical skills and drafting room practices; fundamentals of theoretical graphics; orthographic projection including sectional and auxiliary views; dimensioning.  Lab.
EGT 102 Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting (1)
  A first course presenting an intensive study utilizing a computer-assisted drafting and design system to obtain graphic solutions.  Lab.
EGT 114 Spatial Analysis and Computer-Aided Drafting (2)
  Spatial relations of applications in engineering technology with more advanced functionality of computer-aided drafting and design systems.  Prerequisites:  EGT 101, 102.
EGT 201 Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting (2)
  Applications of principles of engineering graphics; preparation of working drawings; details, examples, and bill of material using CAD. Lab. Prerequisites: EGT 101, 102, 114.


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