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New Kensington news archive on Penn State Live

A Penn State New Kensington news story archive is available on Penn State Live, the university's official news source. 

The most recent news articles display at the top of the page.  To access articles that are more than a few weeks old, scroll to the bottom of the Penn State Live page and click "Older Stories." 

You can also locate a specific news article by searching for it.  Enter your search terms into the box at the top of the page and click "Search."  Please note: This will search all articles on Penn State Live, not just the ones specific to the New Kensington campus. In order to best filter your results, you may want to consider making your search as specific as possible and adding the words "New Kensington" to it.  For example,

  • a search for "Fountain" returns over 150 results from across the commonwealth
  • a search for "Fountain at New Kensington" returns less than 50 results and
  • a search for "Larry Pollock Fountain New Kensington" returns 5 stories