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Research and Creative Exposition, Career Day

4/4/2012 —


Tuesday, April 17, Athletics Center

Expo - 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.,
Career Day - 12:30 - 3:00 p.m.

From the perception of people with tattoos to assessing the value of a liberal arts education to the viability of nuclear energy, students at Penn State New Kensington explored a variety of issues during the fall and spring semesters. The results of their research will be unveiled publicly at the tenth annual Research and Creative Exposition, from 1 to 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 17, in the campus Athletics Center.

Student researchers will display their current research as posters or oral presentations at the annual event. The exposition provides students, under the guidance of a faculty adviser, with the opportunity to conduct research, draw conclusions and present their information in a public setting. This year, 50 students researched 37 projects that will be exhibited in poster format or delivered orally.

Also, in conjunction with the Expo, Penn State New Kensington will host the fourth annual Career Day from 12:30 to 3 p.m. on April 17, in the Athletics Center. Career Day complements the Expo by creating new opportunities for the students and faculty to build stronger contacts with local industries through sharing of career information while also highlighting the campus' many research and creative activities.

Representatives from more than 25 employers will discuss career options, internships and job opportunities for current students and recent graduates. Organizations attending Career Day represent a variety of fields including business, engineering, science, information technology, psychology, marketing, administration of justice, communications, finance, accounting, social services and human services. The campus faculty is encouraged to attend as companies will focus on career paths within their organizations that relate to academic disciplines.

"The combination of the Career Day with the Research and Creative Expo creates a major annual event for the campus while giving students significant opportunities to present their best work to local professionals and employers," said Jim Shields, career services coordinator at the campus. "At the same time, it's another chance to showcase Penn State New Kensington as a vital resource for local communities and businesses."

Career Day is more than just a job and internship fair. The goals for the event are three-fold: career information-sharing with students; networking among students, faculty and local businesses; and recruitment for internships and jobs. A directory with more information about opportunities with each employer will be available before the event to help students prepare for their interactions with the representatives.

The event is open to current Penn State students and recent graduates and admission is free. For more information, contact Jim Shields, career services coordinator, at 724-334-6095 or jshields@psu.edu online.

For more on the research exposition, visit http://www.nk.psu.edu/Academics/ugradresearch.htm online.



James Miller, Taylor Transue, “Technical Solutions for a Kilamanjaro Tour Guide”
Brian Jug, “The Use of Blogs in College and University Courses”
Samantha Polons, “Combined Stresses in a Beam”
William Staniszewski, “Alliances in the Bio Tech Industry”
Josh Barry, “MRSA: The Invincible Fortress”
Christie Geary, Lilly Johnson, Brian Speedy, Keaton Truitt, “X-rays in Space”
Shannon Shipe, Caitlin Gallagher, Shelby Grundler, Bill Henry Trauma, “What's Your Dose?”
Brittny Logesky, David Buss, Joseph Suders, “The Design of a Green Roof”
Emily Bolewitz, Brady Boyer, “Gender Ecology of Common Spicebush (Lindera benzoin)”
Carlise Cranmer, Kelly Gamble, Katrina Ritter, “Airport Scanners, How Dangerous Are They?”
Grant Schoenfelder, “Lion Ambassador Tablet Tour”
Jennifer Kalil, “Demonstrating Antibiotic Resistance in E. Coli with Ampicillin Agar”
Jennifer Kalil, “Efficacy of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors as Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease”
Joshua Pilat, “Assessing the Value and the Role of Liberal Arts Education”
Dawnalyn Kann, “The Effect of Color on Memory Retention: Blue, Orange or White”
Brandi Ritenour, Jessica Summerhill, “Green Roof Design: A Cost Effective Solution”
Justin Rectenwald, Alex Baker, “The Streptomyces Bacteria and their Phosphonate Discharge”
Taylor Pastovic, “Plasmomdium Vivax”
Jacob Johnson, “Viability of Nuclear Energy”
Madalyn Bond, “The Ecological Significance of Mount Kenya National Park”
Shanna Williams, “Promoting Optimal Facial Perceptual Development in Infants”
Shanna Williams, “Undergraduate Responses to Juvenile Canine Cuteness”
Amber Griest, “Breaking the Language Barrier: The Effects of Foreign Language Music on Word-List Retention”
Emily Bolewitz, “Cellular Processes in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva”
Brittany Walker, “Make-Up Your Mind”
Richard Hofscher, “Shining Some Light on Social Situation Perception:
The Effects of Lighting on People's Perceptions of Social Situations”
Michael Lockerman, “Implementation of Modern Technology in Education”
Charles Brumbaugh, “The Effects of Music on Short Term Memory”
John Maholic, “The Effects of Music on Puzzle Solving Time”
Jake Howard, Tim Borland, “Music and Its Effects on Task Completion”
Alisha Roudebush, “Peppermint and Sugar Candy: Its Effect on Performance and Alertness”
Veronica Barone, “Tattoo or No Tattoo? The Perception of People with Ink”
Sophia  Pang, “Cyclin: Out of Control?”
Ryan McLaughlin, “Public Relations in Journalism”
Rachel Catalano, “Written for New Ken Versus Got Dem: Do Song Lyrics Influence a Person's Attitude?”
Brandi Dickerhoff, “Music or Silence: Which Helps or Hinders Memory?”
Christina Spahn, “The Stigma; Society's Perceptions of the Mentally Ill”
Steven Bozek, “Pulse Oximeters: Professional vs. Consumer Grade”



Allegheny Ludlum
U.S. Steel
PNC Bank
Pennsylvania  State Civil Service
Dollar Bank
Pennsylvania State Police
Electro-Optics Center
Family Behavioral Resources
Westmoreland Casemanagement and Supports, Inc.
First Commonwealth Bank
Waddell & Reed
Family Service
McCutcheon Enterprises Inc.
Brayman Construction

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