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Tuition increase is modest 1.9 percent for campus; lowest in 45 years

7/16/2012 —


Pennsylvania residents: $116; Non-residents: $174

On July 13, Penn State's Board of Trustees approved an average tuition increase for 2012-13 of 2.4 percent for undergraduate students, representing the lowest tuition increase at the University since 1967 and one of the lowest among public universities in the nation this year.

"We were guided by several priorities in assembling our budget plan," President Rodney Erickson said. "Chief among those priorities was to keep tuition increases at the lowest possible level. We are committed to keeping tuition increases as modest as possible without compromising academic quality."

Students at Penn State New Kensington will experience the lowest of the tuition increases at 1.9 percent. As one of Penn State’s 19 commonwealth campuses, the tuition will rise by $116 for in-state residents and $174 for out-of-state residents.

“The Trustees' decision keeps Penn State affordable for students who are fighting to achieve their dreams and transform their lives,” said Kevin Snider, chancellor of the New Kensington campus.  “We will have to be more creative and efficient in providing the Alle-Kiski valley with the high-quality Penn State education that the community has come to expect.”

Erickson said the combination of level funding in Penn State's appropriation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the reduction of $28 million in recurring expenses and other budgetary changes allowed Penn State to keep tuition increases less than the change in last year's Consumer Price Index.

Tuition for both Pennsylvania resident and non-resident lower-division undergraduate students at Commonwealth Campuses will increase 1.9 percent. Tuition for lower-division, non-resident students at University Park will increase 2.4 percent and Pennsylvania resident students will see an increase of 2.9 percent.

"Two-thirds of our undergraduate students will see an increase between 1.9 percent and 2.4 percent," Erickson said. "The very low increase for students attending our Commonwealth Campuses underscores our strong commitment to enable access for Pennsylvania students who may want to remain close to home to complete their degree programs."

Translated into dollars, in-state, lower-division students will see an increase per semester of $219 at University Park and $116 at most Commonwealth Campuses. Non-resident, lower-division students will see a tuition increase per semester of $329 at University Park and $174 at most Commonwealth Campuses.

The Information Technology Fee will increase $4 per semester for full-time undergraduate students. The Student Activity Fee will increase $3 per semester for most full-time undergraduate students and the Facilities Fee will increase $4 per semester for most full-time undergraduate students.

A complete listing of Penn State's tuition rate schedules and fees can be found at http://www.tuition.psu.edu.

For information on admissions at New Kensington campus, visit http://www.nk.psu.edu/Admissions/default.htm online.

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