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New Kensington Commencement Fall 2012; List of new Penn Staters

Commencment Fall 2012
Commencement exercises open with the traditional processional of platform party, faculty marshals, candidates for degrees, and faculty.
12/21/2012 —


10:00 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 22, Forum Theatre

Fifty Penn State New Kensington graduates earned their baccalaureate and associate degrees Dec. 22, in the campus Forum Theatre. George Adda, former campus student and vice president for corporate marketing for the Elliott Group, delivered the commencement address, "Attitude Makes the Difference." Kevin Snider, chancellor, and Andrea Adolph, director of academic affairs, conferred the four- and two-year degrees. The new graduates were inducted into the Penn State Alumni Association by Kerry Kelly, president of the Alle-Kiski Society, the local chapter of the PSAA.



Fall 2012

College of Information Sciences and Technology
Bachelor of Science, Information Sciences and Technology
 Michael T. Clark, Christopher W.C. Gurosik, Steven T. Markilinski,
Christopher L. Ross, Brian L. Schroeder, Shawn A. Swartz, Alyssa M. Weidow

College of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Science, Organizational Leadership
Matthew D. Frantz ??, Darin L. Hepler, Shawn P. Simpson, Stephen R. Turpin, Ronald E. Wolfe ???

School of Nursing
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
Cynthia L. Arnold, Deandra F. Barron, Cari A. Chavira, Brittany M. Coleman,
Christina Danzuso, Allison L. Sakala, Maddison A. Stimmler, Raymone L. Thomas, Amanda L. Vasilopus

Smeal College of Business
Bachelor of Science, Supply Chain and Information Systems
Derek R. Ralph

University College
Bachelor of Science, Administration of Justice
Hunter M. Chechak, Jacob H. Quast 

Bachelor of Arts, Applied Psychology 
Erin L. Holleran, Alexa N. Kreger , Haley D. Shaffer

Bachelor of Science, Business
Megan L. Emanuel, Michael J. Gromley, Lambra Nemeth, Michael P. Palumbo,
Lisa M. Pattock ???, Vanessa R. Peck, Alexa M. Prosky

Bachelor of Arts, Communications
Amanda D. Blystone, Candis M. Downey, Heidi M. Kolar, Erica L. Seifert, Megan E. Zidek

Bachelor of Science, Information Sciences and Technology
Ryan J. Kalmar, Mark S. Messina, Christopher M. Rae, Lauren E. Richards,
Matthew C. Schrader, Kyle J. Wolski

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Laura A. Sciamanna-Dinsmo

Bachelor of Science, Psychology
Alisha J. Roudebush

World Campus
Bachelor of Science, Business
Alexandra C. Ventura  

College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Technology

Tomas A. Berkemeijer, Matthew L. Summers ??

College of Liberal Arts
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Jenna E. Herstek

? Highest Distinction  ?? High Distinction  ??? Distinction

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