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Students show off research acumen at exposition; 86 students, 49 projects

Research Fair and Career Day 2014
An interdisciplinary team of Penn State New Kensington students, left to right, Corey Bobak, business, Ryan Delane, IST, and Marissa Russo, IST, along with Jamie Herstek, psychology, presented their research at the expo.
4/14/2014 —


Research and Creative Exposition
allows presentations in a public setting

Career Day helps recruitment for
internships and jobs

From building a 3-D printer to creating a wheelchair integrated human computer interface device, to studying room temperature and the effects on memory, to examining the life cycle of a lymphocyte, students at Penn State New Kensington explored a variety of issues during the fall and spring semesters. The results of their research were unveiled April 8 at the 12th annual Research and Creative Exposition in the campus Athletics Center.

Students displayed their current research at the coursework-inspired event. The exposition provides students, under the guidance of a faculty adviser, with the opportunity to conduct research, draw conclusions and present their information in a public setting. This year, 86 students researched 49 projects, which were exhibited in a poster format.

The 3-D printer, built by electro-mechanical engineering technology students Tyler Leatherwood, Sage DeFrances, Ross Jubic, Brandon Kendall, and Joe Trisoline, was a demonstration project. The group printed a plastic cog that will be used as a part for another printer under construction.

Marissa Russo, a junior in the Information Sciences and technology program, researched a team project, “Starbucks: From Cradle to Cradle,” with Corey Bobak, Ryan Delane, Jamie Herstek. The group worked under the guidance of Joan Kowalski, senior instructor in engineering.

“It was fun putting the project together and sharing knowledge with team members,” said Russo, a native of Plum Borough. “All the hard work paid off."

Posters are designed to convey the project's significance to scholars in the field and potential significance to the general public. The student's written research is translated into a poster and presented in public. Participants are judged on content, display and oral defense of their project.

A panel of 10 reviewers from the campus and local businesses evaluated each project. They talked with students about their research, asked questions and took notes.

“I was very impressed with the students interacting with the public and discussing their work,” said Lynne Ramage, a supporter of the campus and one of the reviewers. “More people in the community should know about the outstanding work being done by students at Penn State New Kensington.”

In conjunction with the expo, the campus hosted the sixth annual Career Day in the Athletics Center. Career Day complements the research component by creating new opportunities for the students and faculty to build stronger contacts with local industries through sharing of career information while also highlighting the campus' many research and creative avenues.

"The combination of the Career Day with the expo creates a major annual event for the campus while giving students significant opportunities to present their best work to local professionals and employers," said Jim Shields, career services coordinator at the campus. "At the same time, it's another chance to showcase Penn State New Kensington as a vital resource for local communities and businesses."

Representatives from 34 companies discussed career options, internships and job opportunities for current students and recent graduates. Organizations attending Career Day represented a variety of fields including business, engineering, science, information technology, psychology, marketing, administration of justice, communications, finance, accounting, social services and human services. Campus faculty also talked with the business representatives as companies focus on career paths within their organizations that relate to academic disciplines.

“The career fair was very engaging and gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to new companies,” said Steve Warhola, who is a member of the campus’ first soccer team and serves as the Lion mascot. “It was good preparation for future job opportunities.”

Career Day is more than just a job and internship fair. The goals for the event are three-fold: career information-sharing with students; networking among students, faculty and local businesses; and recruitment for internships and jobs.

For more information, contact Jim Shields, career services coordinator, at 724-334-6095 or jshields@psu.edu

For photos of the event, visit http://psnk.smugmug.com/

Research Fair and Creative Exposition
Student Projects

Project Name, Student(s), Faculty Mentor(s)

“Brain Neoplasms”
Branden Ewing, Cody Wikert
Debra Majetic and Marcia Curler

“Radon in the Home”
Beth Hollinger, Jennifer White, Jen Sekowski, Bhawani Harrell
Debra Majetic

“Pregnancy in the Radiology Department”
Brittany Rathmann, Michelle Veronesi, Kelsey Nulph, Ana Hyskell
Debra Majetic

“Conspiratorial Thinking on the Far Right”
Amanda Stumme, Jonathan Simmen
Dr. Craig Hammond

“Effects of Geomagnetic Storms on a GPS Unit”
Nicholas Cirrincione
Dr. Hal Smith

“Social Media and Employment”
Kylie Kinlough
Dr. Jennifer Wood

“Applying Communication Research Methods to the Video Game Medium (Quantitative, Qualitative, and Textual)"
Ryan McLaughlin
Dr. Jennifer Wood

“A Comparison of African Mustelids”
Jennifer Phillips
Dr. William Hamilton

“Gender Differences in Compulsive Buying: The Role of Irrational Beliefs”
Jennifer Phillips, Michael Daly, Dr. K.R. Bridges, Dr. Richard J. Harnish
Dr. Richard J. Harnish and Dr. K. R. Bridges

“Wheelchair Integrated Human Computer Interface Device”
Michael Daly, Timothy Borland, Ryan Jessup, Stephanie DeCarlo, Gregory Moore
Michael Manolojvich

“Retrospective Examination of Maltreatment in Childhood”
Carley Carnahan
Dr. Jyotsna “Josi” Kalavar

“Mobile Phone, Social Media and Workplace Productivity”
Joshua Swinehart
Dr. Jyotsna “Josi” Kalavar

“Encouraging a Positive Body Image”
Carley Carnahan
Dr. K. R. Bridges

“Linking Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the Real World”
Joshua Swinehart
Dr. Michael McGinnis

“Developing Conductive Polymers for Soft Sensing”
Matthew Peretic, Michael Cavazza, Cordell Delzer
Dr. Robert T. Mathers

“Classical Music : Study Buddy or Enemy?”
Marisa Bailey
Dr. Richard Harnish

“Mozart on the Brain: Classical Music and Monosyllabic Word Recall”
Kailey Brink
Dr. Richard Harnish

“Physical Attractiveness and Perceived Intelligence”
Jamie Herstek
Dr. Richard Harnish

“Total Recall : A Study of Memory Recall”
Gabriel Kelly
Dr. Richard Harnish

“And They're Off: Sorting Cards While Listening to Music”
Travis Klinger
Dr. Richard Harnish

“Font Disfluency : Effect on Memory”
Julia Morrow
Dr. Richard Harnish

“Room Temperature and the Effects on Memory”
Chante Nee
Dr. Richard Harnish

“I Want It Now: The Effect of Time Discounting on Mood”
Jonathan Simmen
Dr. Richard Harnish

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Effects of a Difficult Task on Feelings of Helplessness”
Amanda Stumme
Dr. Richard Harnish

Color Coding Your Brain: Effect of Color on Memory
Kayla Thornton
Dr. Richard Harnish

“The Effect of Classical Music on Memory”
Jess Vogel
Dr. Richard Harnish

“Melatonin Synthesis and Function”
Broderick Gerano
Dr. William Hamilton

“Breast Milk vs. Formula: What is the Difference?”
Crystal Greenlund
Dr. William Hamilton

“The History and Current Research of Lyme Disease”
Anna Ley
Dr. William Hamilton

“Antibiotics and the Human Microbiome Project”
Joe Maltese
Dr. William Hamilton

“The Obesity Epidemic in America”
Josh Milanak
Dr. William Hamilton

“Hydraulic Fracturing in Pennsylvania”
Nathan Schartner
Dr. William Hamilton

“Hodgkins Lymphoma”
Caitlin Burgoon
Dr. William Hamilton and Deborah Sillman

“The Molecular and Cell View of Parkinson's Disease”
Brooke Johns
Dr. William Hamilton and Deborah Sillman

“Embryonic Stem Cells”
Amanda Mazzei
Dr. William Hamilton and Deborah Sillman

“The Effects of Aß, NGF and ApoE4 in Alzheimer's Disease”
Helen Schlemmer
Dr. William Hamilton and Deborah Sillman

“The Life Cycle of a Lymphocyte”
Ava Witter
Dr. William Hamilton and Deborah Sillman

“Microorganism Analysis in PSU New Kensington Computer Lab”
Elizabeth Bogaty
Dr. William Hamilton, Deborah Sillman, Tracie Brockhoff

“Curriculum Scheduling using Graph Theory”
Aishwarya Venketeswaran
Dr. Xiang Ji

“Predicting the Future Using Projectile Motion Equations”
Michael Cavazza, Cordell Delzer. Michael Demyan, Amber Papenfuss, Simrit Singh
Joan Kowalski

“The Recyclability of Food Packaging”
Philip Gigler, Louis Yank, Taylor Lender
Joan Kowalski

“Paper, Bottles, Cans - Recycle Them All, Take a Stand”
Rebecca Gipson, Wendi O'Brien, Stephen Brick
Joan Kowalski

“Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)”
Josh Kappel
Joan Kowalski

“Sustainability of McDonald's Packaging”
Jayson Myers, Jake Woodside, Heinz Koster
Joan Kowalski

“Tension Test of Fishing Lines”
Amber Papenfuss, Justin Koscianski, Simrit Singh, Mike Demyan
Joan Kowalski

“Starbucks : From Cradle to Cradle”
Marissa Russo, Corey Bobak, Ryan Delane, Jamie Herstek
Joan Kowalski

“Biomimicry in Bridge Design”
Alexander Stack
Joan Kowalski

“Cyber Secuirty in the Modern Age : A Case Study”
Christian Kamenic
Michael Manojlovich

“3D Printer Demonstration”
Tyler Leatherwood, Sage DeFrances, Ross Jubic, Brandon Kendall, Joe Trisoline
Ron Land


Career Day Participating Companies

Advance Auto Parts
Alcoa Technical Center
Alle-Kiski Area HOPE Center, Inc.
ATI Allegheny Ludlum
Brayman Construction Corp.
CASA of Westmoreland, Inc.
CME Engineering, LP
Community Alternatives, Inc.
Community Options, Inc.
Composidie, Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Family Behavioral Resources
Federal Bureau of Investigation
First Commonwealth Bank
General Carbide
Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Leedsworld, Inc.
Oakmont Country Club
Pennsylvania State Police
PNC Financial Services
Premier Automation, LLC
Southwood Psychiatric Hospital
Waddell & Reed, Inc.
Westmoreland Casemanagement and Supports, Inc.
Westmoreland Community Action
Woodmen Financial Services

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