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Daily Crime / Incident Log

PSNK Police Services maintains a Daily Crime / Incident Log of all incidents reported to the Department. The Public Safety Manager updates this log daily to ensure the campus community has complete access to all reported incidents in a timely manner. This log identifies the date, time, location, type, disposition and a brief summary of each incident reported.

The most current 60 days of information is openly displayed in the office of the Public Safety Manager located in the Conference Center, Office 54 during normal business hours. A log is also kept of all incident reports which have occurred over the past 7 years and upon request, a copy of this log is also readily available in the office of the Public Safety Manager during normal business hours.

If you feel there are any discrepancies within this report or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the information listed within this report, please contact the PSNK Public Safety Manager, Wesley Sheets, at any time by calling 724-334-6013.