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How Student Affairs promotes student success at Penn State New Kensington and adds value to your student’s education

People who care: Supporting the academic success of Penn State students is one of the most important goals of our staff in Student Affairs. Our caring staff provides critical services for students seeking medical care or psychological counseling. We also have skilled counselors who assist students with career planning and employment placement assistance. Our staff helps students adjust to the growth and changes associated with college life. Our staff in Student Life support over twenty-five student organizations on campus.  See our complete list of student services

Educational programs: Each year our staff offers educational programs designed to teach students about everything from planning a career and creating a resume to leadership skills and effective time management. The Student Affairs division offers programs in health education, women's issues, multicultural topics, civility and ethics. Student Affairs also offers a rich array of diversity programs and services designed to teach students important information about succeeding in a diverse work environment. Future employers often seek students with credentials and skills that set them apart from other prospective employees--effective communication, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, experience working on a team and strong organizational skills. Programs offered by Student Affairs staff directly teach these skills and students are also provided experiential opportunities through volunteer opportunities, service learning programs and student clubs and organization activities to actively learn these important skills.

The importance of involvement in campus life: Research in higher education has shown a strong correlation between high student involvement in campus life and academic success. At Penn State New Kensington, our faculty and staff start encouraging students to get involved in campus life during the orientation program. Students who join an academic club, participate in volunteer service or play an intramural sport meet other like-minded students and more quickly become comfortable with the Penn State campus environment. Strong engagement in campus life activities can also teach important lifelong skills. Topics such as leadership, teamwork, supervision, time management, civility and understanding and appreciating diversity can all be learned through campus activities. Just one example is Penn State's annual dance marathon (see THON). This charity event raises funds to help children with cancer and their families who seek treatment at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Each year this event is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. Last year our students raised over $3 million to help kids fight cancer. (See index of Penn State New Kensington's student organizations)

Critical Services for Students
Police and Ambulance Services - 911
University Health Services

Appointments and other services are available during business hours; call 724-334-6066
Counseling and Psychological Services
Available through The Academic and Career Success Center during weekday business hours ; call 724-334-6095

Emergency Contacts
In case of an emergency, a student’s family may call the Registrar’s office at 724-334-6040 or Student Affairs at 724-334-6062 in order to reach the student on campus.