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 NSO at Penn State New Kensington is a three day process for all first time, first year students. 

  • Day 1 - Academic Advising
  • Day 2 - All Prides Day
  • Day 3 - Pride Day

yellow post it note with red pushpin for Academic Advising day

 Day 1 - Academic Advising

(Advising Day date varies by student)

During Academic Advising of New Student Orientation, students will:

  • Learn more about academics at Penn State
  • Meet with an Academic Adviser
  • Schedule Fall 2016 Courses



Once you activate your Access Account, complete the following steps:

1. Take your ALEKS Math Assessment

2. Complete your Educational Planning Survey

3. Do your Pre-NSO Homework

4. Register for NSO at Penn State New Kensington!

  • You will not be eligible to access our Penn State Orientation Reservation System until you receive an email from Penn State with the subject "Make Your Reservation for NSO"
  • There is a $30 Registration Fee for New Student Orientation.  Please remit payment to the Student Affairs Office, 3550 Seventh Street Road, New Kensington, PA 15068.  To make a payment via credit card, please call 724-334-6062.  Payment can be accepted on NSO Day 1 - your academic advising day.


What to Expect:

Once you select your NSO advising date, be sure to block off the entire day.  Programs and scheduling meetings will vary for each student so be sure that you are avaiable for the entire day.

All new students (regardless of age) are expected to complete Penn State AWARE (a sexual assault awareness learning module), and students who are 21 and under must complete Penn State SAFE (Student Alcohol Feedback and Education).  Following orientation, please check your Penn State Webmail account for information and updates about accessing and completeing Penn State SAFE and Penn State AWARE.

You may log in and complete the Penn State SAFE and Penn State AWARE programs once the invitation is sent via email.  Information and log on for the SAFE and AWARE online learning resources can be found at http://edge.psu.edu/firstyear/.



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