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All Prides Day

August 20, 2015

On All Prides Day of New Student Orientation, students will:

  • Meet faculty and students in their academic college.
  • Attend Academic Convocation.
  • Compete in the pride challenges at Pride Olympics.



Key Parts of All Prides Day

  • Convocation and College Meetings

    Academic Convocation is an annual event that starts the school year with a formal ceremony of faculty and staff in their academic robes welcoming students and encouraging the high standards of Penn State New Kensington academics. During the College Meeting breakout session, students can ask questions and discuss opportunities for success with the faculty, student leaders, and other new students in their academic programs.
  • Penn State Pride and Principles

    Building a community where every individual is valued and treated with respect is at the core of the Penn State Principles. Our student orientation leaders will present theatre skits to help new students better understand these principles and the policies that guide all citizens of the Penn State community. First-year students are invited to have fun and compete at the annual “Respect” the game-show, an interactive program designed to increase awareness about diversity on campus.

  • Pride Olympics

    Challenge Time!!! As a Pride Group, you will complete various challenges that encourage teamwork, leadership, and give you yet another opportunity to get to know other students!