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Internship Links for Penn State Programs

PSNK Programs With Required Internships For Credit

Administration of Justice - AOJ (AJACC & AJSCC)

Corporate Communications - COMM (COMCC & CORCM)

Journalism Communications - COMM (JOURN)

Information Science & Technology - ISTBS (CCIST, ISSCC, ISTBS, 2 IST)

Biomedical Engineering Technology - 2 BET

Radiological Sciences - 2RSCC

PSNK Programs With Internships by Elective

Business - BUS (BSBCC)

Electro Mechanical Engineering Technology - EMET

Psychology - PSYCH (PYACC & PYSCC)

Penn State Internship Programs by College

College of Agricultural Sciences   

College of Arts & Architecture      

Smeal College of Business                   

College of Communications                 

College of Education                   

Eberly College of Science

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

College of Information Sciences & Technology

College of the Liberal Arts

College of Health and Human Development

College of Engineering


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