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Wireless 2.0 Overview

Using wireless connections enables laptops to remain portable without sacrificing the advantages that come with being connected to a network. You can easily move about within a wireless area from office, to classroom, or meeting without losing your internet connection.

Although wireless networks cannot substitute for the traditional higher-speed wired connections on campus, they can be a convenience for simple applications like email exchanges, web browsing, and presentations.

These advantages -- freedom, mobility, convenience and access to shared networked information, without looking for a place to plug in, combine data connectivity with user mobility.

Getting Connected

 To get connected to the Penn State Wireless 2.0 service, you'll need:  

The Penn State Wireless 2.0 service incorporates recent 802.1X wireless authentication and encryption methods that are aimed at enabling an improved level of security and improved performance. You no longer have to download a VPN or relaunch a VPN session when moving from building to building. Just open your laptop and you'll see the psu network.

Wireless Locations

Students, faculty and staff can access the Penn State wireless network from the following campus locations:

  • Administration Building
  • Art Building
  • Athletic Center
  • Blissell Library & Computer Center 
  • Conference Center
  • Engineering Building
  • Enrollment Services Courtyard
  • Science Building
  • Student Union Building
  • Technology Building
  • Theater and IST Building

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all of the answers to your Wireless 2.0 questions by visiting the Penn State Wireless 2.0 FAQ page at http://wireless.psu.edu/faq.html


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