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Penn State Wireless

Wireless 2.0 sign

Wireless 2.0 Overview

Using wireless connections enables mobile devices to remain portable without sacrificing the advantages that come with being connected to a network. You can easily move about within a wireless area from office, to classroom, or meeting without losing your internet connection.

Although wireless networks cannot substitute for the traditional higher-speed wired connections on campus, they can be a convenience for simple applications like email exchanges, web browsing, and presentations.

Getting Connected

 To get connected to the Penn State Wireless 2.0 service, you'll need:  

Wireless Locations

Students, faculty and staff can access the Penn State wireless network from the following campus locations:

  • Administration Building
  • Art Building
  • Athletic Center
  • Blissell Library & Computer Center 
  • Conference Center
  • Engineering Building
  • Enrollment Services Courtyard
  • Science Building
  • Student Union Building
  • Technology Building
  • Theater and IST Building

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all of the answers to your Wireless 2.0 questions by visiting the Penn State Wireless 2.0 FAQ page at http://wireless.psu.edu/faq.html


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