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New Employee IT Resources

As a new employee at Penn State New Kensington you have a number of steps to complete in order to successfully use the technology on campus. Below is a check list of steps to complete within the first few days of your employment. Some steps are absolutely essential to complete as they ensure the security of your personal information and the University. These required items are marked with an asterisk (*). The other steps are general tips and recommendations that will help you in the future.

Review the Penn State New Kensington Campus Map to find locations mentioned in the steps below.

1.) Activating your Access Account and PSU ID+ Card*

Once HR creates your Access Account, you must physically activate it in 044 Computer Center (located under the library and adjacent to the Conference Center). Your Penn State Access Account is used for logging into the campus computers and using essential computing services. Your PSU ID card can be used for LionCash, library reservations, discounts, and much more. Visit 044 Computer Center 2-3 business days after HR creates your account in order to complete this task. One of the staff members at the front Help Desk will be able to assist you. More information can be found at the Access Account page: Penn State Access Accounts. If you need access to specific department computer resources, such as a shared network drive, once you activate your Access Account, your supervisor must submit a request on your behalf to the NKITS Help Desk.

2.) Getting your University Collaboration Suite (UCS) Account*

As a University employee at Penn State New Kensington, you are required to use UCS for e-mail, contacts, and calendaring. This should be set up the same day you set up your Access Account. Ask for an administrator in the Computer Center to complete this step. UCS Training Materials: http://kb.its.psu.edu/ucs

3.) Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Training*

You are not allowed to electronically store or transmit any PII (sensitive data) on your University computer/devices. Examples of PII include credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account information, and driver license numbers. A software program called Identity Finder is used to scan all of the files on your computer to find this information. If sensitive information is found, you must delete it using this tool. You are required to review policy PSU-NK-ITS-014 (.pdf). Training also is provided for Identity Finder. The required training can be found here: http://its.psu.edu/training/resources/IdentityFinder/ 

4.) Read and Review Campus Information Technology (IT) Policies*

Read and make sure you understand the campus' Information Technology policies: NK Computing Policies

5.) Help Desk & Media Services Requests

In order to get Help Desk (computer, printer, phone issues) or Media Services (projectors, A/V equipment reservations,etc...) assistance, a formal request is required. The campus work order assistance website used to submit a request (among other requests on campus) can be found here: NK Campus Work Order/Request System. Note: there is a 5+ day lead time on requests that must be followed.

6.) Network Storage and Backup

You are responsible for backing up your Penn State files and data. Review and understand Penn State New Kensington's Data Backup policy. Review policy PSU-NK-ITS-012 (.pdf).

7.) Faculty and Staff Forms and Resources

The website for all faculty and staff resources including important forms needed to conduct University business can be found here: General Faculty and Staff Resources

8.) Media Commons

The Media Commons lab located in Conference Center 12B provides Penn State New Kensington faculty, staff, and students a common set of computing tools, a common set of support materials, and a common set of opportunities to create digital media of all kinds. More information can be found at the Media Commons website: Media Commons

9.) Free Software Downloads

ITS at University Park offers free anti-virus/spam programs and other free downloads for Penn State faculty and staff: ITS Downloads

10.) Wireless 2.0

Wireless internet access is available on most of the Penn State New Kensington campus. A guide to easily set up your personal phone/computer for Wireless 2.0 can be found here: Wireless 2.0

11.) Penn State University (PSU) WebFiles

PSU WebFiles allows you to access and manage your Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS) files residing on Penn State's central file services through any web browser, and allows you to easily copy files from external services such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and SkyDrive to and from your PSU space. More information can be found here: WebFiles

 12.) Penn State University (PSU) WebApps

WebApps provides access to several popular applications from a wide array of devices, and is available to anyone with a Penn State Access Account.  WebApps uses HTML5 instead of Java you don't need anything other than a modern browser to access the applications. More information can be found here: WebApps

13.) Phone & Voicemail Instructions

 All employees with an assigned phone number extension will have an voicemail box. Review the instructions for checking your voicemail messages and other common phone tasks: Phone and Voicemail Instructions(.pdf)

 14.) Printing

There are multiple copiers for faculty, staff, and student worker use located on campus. In order to print from a campus networked computer to the copiers or to perform the scan, fax, copy functions at the copiers, you must enter the last 5 digits of your PSU ID number when prompted. You can also send print jobs to the copiers securely from your computer by using the "Locked Print" feature.

Additional Copier Resources:


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