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On-campus computer lab printing is paid for by the Student IT Fee. In an effort to prevent printing abuse and to better utilize the Student IT fee monies, Penn State New Kensington is adopting the print management system that is available with CLM. Individuals printing from a campus computer lab will receive 110 free sheets (double-sided pages) each semester. Once individuals have reached their 110 sheet quota, individuals can purchase additional sheets with their LionCash+ funds.  Visit https://clc.its.psu.edu/users/wa/PrintingInfo.aspx to purchase additional sheets or to monitor your sheet count via the Print Management Utility.

Printer Type


Paper Size


Charge Per Sheet


Counts as # of B&W Sheet


Black & White Laser Printers


8 ½" x 11"



 Color Laser Printers  8 ½" x 11"  $0.15


Printing Charges (After quota is exceeded)


All printed pages are billed per sheet of paper. Duplex printing (printing on both sides of a sheet of paper) counts as a single sheet. In an effort to be economically and environmentally friendly, Penn State printers are set to print on both sides of the page by default. Students wishing to print on only one side of a page must manually set this preference for their print job.

The print management system provides the capability of remote printing.  Remote printing enables individuals to print their documents from home computers or laptops connected to the campus' wireless network.  To utilize this feature, a small software package must be downloaded and installed.  Remote printing jobs will be directed to a release station and printer in the Blissell Library and Computer Center building, Room 044.  To learn more about remote printing, visit http://clc.its.psu.edu/printing/remote.