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Computer Labs

Beginning in fall 2014, Penn State students using on-campus computer labs will be able to enjoy a more consistent experience.  Students’ computer profiles (what they see when they log in and the files they have saved there) will travel with them, even if they are using a different lab or at another campus.  This benefit, along with the ability for wireless printing and printing from home, are now available as a part of Cooperative Lab Management, or CLM.

If you’re here because you're looking for a particular software package, view the Computer Lab Software Guide (.pdf) to see software availability by classroom.


Penn State New Kensington Labs:

*Note – labs are not available if a class is in session. Please be respectful of your fellow students and professors by checking the room schedule (posted outside of the classroom) before entering a classroom lab.

  • 044 Blissell Library & Computer Center Building – 30 workstations and 4 multimedia workstations. The Computer Center Open Lab is our largest on-campus lab and features the Help Desk.
    Availability: see Computer Center hours (in the grey sidebar on the right)

  • 044D Blissell Library & Computer Center Building* -- 12 workstations
    Featuring Adobe Creative Cloud Software
    Availability: when there is not a class in this room

  • 123 and 124 Engineering (Chemistry Lab)* -- 6 workstations
    Priority given to students enrolled in laboratory courses, such as Chem 15 and Chem 16.
    Availability: Contact Dr. Robert Mathers

  • 014B Conference Center* -- 32 workstations

  • 119 Science (Data Science and Exploration Lab)*  --  8 workstations
    Priority given to students needing this room’s specialty science software.

  • Information Technology Center (ITC) labs*
    • 30ITC -- 24 workstations
    • 31ITC -- 4 workstations
    • 32ITC -- 36 workstations
    • 36ITC -- 6 workstations

  • Blissell Library* – 10 workstations
    Elisabeth S. Blissell Library Hours

  • Media Commons Lab in 12B Conference Center
    Access the Media Commons studio by requesting the key at the Computer Center Help Desk, or reserve the room online via the Media Services Request form. Software available on the campus Media Commons iMacs is described on this Media Commons Tutorials page.
    There are 3 iMac stations on campus for multimedia editing:
    • 1 in the Blissell Library
    • 1 in the Computer Center
    • 1 in 12b Conference Center


Computer Center Helpdesk Support


044 Blissell Library & Computer Center Building

Submit a helpdesk request

Hours of operation

M-Th: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
F: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.